Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Myths About Children's Dental Health #9

9.   My child doesn’t need to floss until his adult teeth are in.

Once all 20 baby teeth have erupted, you may notice that your child either has some spaces in between some (or all) of his baby teeth or you may notice that the baby teeth are touching. Having space between baby teeth is common and beneficial as it allows room for the larger adult teeth to erupt. When baby teeth are touching, cavities can form in between the teeth on the surfaces that the tooth brush will not reach. Flossing in between your child’s baby teeth can prevent cavities from forming in these areas. The earlier you introduce your child to floss, the more comfortable they will feel with adding this to their routine. Children can also add a water flosser into their routine if fine motor skills have not yet developed to master flossing, research shows it's more effective than flossing. 

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